What Are The Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare Products?

I am sure some of you all are wondering what does the word vegan mean? Why are our products vegan? Are they still healthy if they are not? This blog post was written to answer your questions and educate you about the importance of Veganism.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of vegan is a strict vegetarian who consumes no food (such as meat, eggs, or dairy products) that comes from animals. Also, one who abstains from using animal products (such as leather).  A follower of the diet or philosophy is known as a vegan. When we speak about our products being vegan they carry the same standard.

Asili Naturals products are made with plants and botanical oils that do not contain animals or animal by-products. There are so many herbalistic and medicinal plants on the earth which should be used in skin care, personal care, hygiene care, etc. that there is no reason why we should harm an animal for the use of ingredients. Natural ingredients have been shown for centuries to have a significant impact on our health. An example includes Shea Butter which naturally is produced from the Shea Tree. This wonderful butter is naturally made with fatty acids, vitamins, Cinnamic acid and more. It is hydrating and moisturizing to the skin and can be a natural SPF. There would be no reason for me to use Lanolin, Emu Oil, Goat Milk or more to create a moisturizing product.


5 Non-Vegan Common Ingredients Found In Skincare 


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There is no greater joy than finding out that one of your favorite products is accidentally vegan, whether it be Lemongrass Body Butter or our Lychee Fruit Body Scrub. The issue is that some of the most commonly found skincare ingredients are derived from animal products and animal by-products. These include:


  • Amino acids – Not all of them are, but some amino acids are taken from animal products and by-products. Make sure to only use products that use plant-based amino acids.
  • Collagen – The peptides found in collagen supplement are often from fish or cows (AKA marine collagen or bovine collagen). At the moment, there are vegetarian supplements but nothing vegan. Get your collagen by boosting food rich in vitamin E, as I mentioned above.
  • Hyaluronic acid – Hyaluronic acid often comes from animal products and by-products. The alternative is looking for products that use synthetic hyaluronic acid.
  • Glycerin – Glycerin is a by-product of soap making, in which animal fats are used. This is another easy alternative, as it's replaceable by vegetable or plant-based glycerin.
  • Beeswax – Beeswax is not vegan, at least not too many vegans. It is considered an animal product because it is produced by bees. The alternative is candelilla wax which is a vegetable wax.


What Does Cruelty-free Mean?


What does cruelty-free mean? When choosing to develop or use new, untested ingredients in their cosmetic products, some companies will conduct new animal tests to assess the safety of these new ingredients. This practice is both unnecessary and inaccurate. Animals and human beings do not have the same genetic makeup. Why would we test on them? They have the right to live pleasant lives as much as a human does. In fact, animals should not be used for testing in any compacity. For example, instead of measuring how long it takes a chemical to burn the cornea of a rabbit’s eye, manufacturers can now drop that chemical onto cornea-like 3D tissue structures produced from human cells. Likewise, human skin cultures can be grown and purchased for skin irritation testing. In addition to conducting a test on human beings. 

 At Asili Naturals we do NOT stand for animal testing and will only source and test our ingredients on humans in a safe manner. We are Leaping Bunny Certified!


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