Strong Women 2nd Feature - Kari Miller

Meet Kari Miller, Director of Sales & Membership at the Milwaukee Yacht Club!

Kari is a mom, a businesswoman, and a community connector. Not only has she helped Asili Naturals find our footing in the Wauwatosa business community, but she also connects the greater Milwaukee community with the opportunity to sail on Lake Michigan day in and day out. 

Her role as a connector comes naturally, she makes it a goal to find something special in every person that she meets.  

We’re taking cues from Kari in the self-care department this year. Kari’s secret to finding balance is preserving her energy, and being mindful of commitments. “I try not to over-schedule myself. I'm logical in determining how much time and energy an activity or event will take, so I take that into account when I'm putting things on my calendar.” 



Beauty 101 with Kari

Kari's favorite Asili product? 

The Shea & Lavender Body Butter

“Its light lavender smell gives me an instant calm and the rich body butter keeps my dry skin moisturized all day.”



What beauty or skincare tip do you swear by?

Sorry beach babes, staying out of the sun is Kari’s beauty tip to keep that youthful glow she’s rocking!

Kari also treats herself to a spa experience now and then as part of her self care ritual. Bring the spa to your home today with our effervescent bath bombs! 


Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Bath Bomb