Strong Women 1st Feature - Trenise Watson

Meet Trenise Watson, Founder & CEO of Asili Naturals and one strong woman!

Trenise created the company to share her healthy and sustainable products with the world. She’s passionate about championing her customers and most importantly, creating products that promote healthy skin.  

She’s proud of building a company and a community for her customers that supports women in feeling inspired, building self-esteem and building each other up.

Trenise calls on her inner strength by practicing meditation daily to help recharge, relieve stress and set an intention for her life each day. Deep breathing techniques and repeating a calming mantra help her to find balance in her day, “I have learned that everything changes so there is no need to get worried or stressed out because all it does is cloud your judgment. We have to relax and focus in order to think clearly and come up with solutions.“


Fun fact about Trenise: 

She is a natural-born introvert but breaks out of her comfort zone daily to run her business and be a leader in the community. She draws inspiration from Oprah, who paved the way for her to have the confidence to pursue her dreams, go after what she wants and not be afraid of rejection or failure. “To see a woman who looked like me interview people from all walks of life and witnessing people love her despite her skin color gave me hope that anything is possible.”



Beauty 101 Trenise


What beauty or skincare tip do you swear by?

"Incorporating a clay mask into my skincare routine at least twice a week. Our skin is exposed to many environmental pollutants, dirt, impurities and more that it is essential to deeply cleanse to remove the impurities. I swear by our Spirulina Algae Mask."


*What have you been adding to your beauty routine this year? 

I have been incorporating more serums into my beauty routine this
year. In fact, I've been incorporating one that we will be rolling out
very soon. Stay tuned!!