Strong Women 3rd Feature - Shayla Brown

Meet Shayla Brown, Owner of Genesis Birth and Living 

Shayla does it all. She is proud to do double duty at work and home as a mama of 4 gifted and sweet little boys, wife to 1 hard-working and loving man, and through her platform as an African American Birthworker at Genesis Birthing and Living.

We’re inspired by the way Shayla approaches each day with courage and calm and a focus on the here and now. 

“Balance is an illusion. Life is so fluid that I find it much easier to adjust as it ebbs and flows. It is not always easy but once you submit yourself to this understanding, life really becomes much more enjoyable and much more joyful.“

*How do you care for yourself? Do you have any self-care rituals? 

Above all else, I guard my heart because everything I do flows from it. I am very selective of the TV I watch, the music I listen to, the people I entertain, the books I read and the food I eat. I study the things and circumstances that upset or weaken me, and I replace them with those things that strengthen me and invite peace into my heart.

Shayla’s Beauty Secret 

Laugh! It’s good for your health. Shayla is self-proclaimed possibly, the silliest person anyone will know! 

Beauty 101 With Shayla 

*What beauty or skincare tip do you swear by? 

Drinking water (at least 64 Oz a day), eat vegetables daily, eat fruit daily, rest often, don't worry, pray, and smile.

*What have you been adding to your beauty routine this year? 

This year I've discovered Asili Naturals skin products and have added facials to my beauty routine.  I am very selective about what goes on my temple. Most skincare products ironically deplete the skin so I was thrilled to discover a natural, vegan skin line. 

*What's your favorite Asili product? 

Hands down the Spirulina Algae Clay Mask is my favorite product. After I use it, my skin feels refreshed, renewed and like my baby's skin. I also just love the experience of such luxurious facial treatment so readily available to me. It's like a mini spa in a bottle.