Strong Women 5th Feature - Samantha Nystrom



Meet Samantha Nystrom, content and digital marketing manager by day and writer/blogger at by night. 

She is passionate about living a vegan, cruelty-free, and zero-waste lifestyle and shares her passion at VCF.  Compassion is at Sam’s core, with a deep belief that animals deserve the same rights as humans. She shares the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with others so that we can all work together to reduce our carbon footprints and make a positive impact on the world. After all, we only have one life to live...why not live it fully and with compassion?  

Visit her blog for tips on how to easily incorporate small changes into your day to help reduce carbon footprint and spread compassion for animals.  

*Green tip of the day: Use a clean hand towel every time you wash your face.  Samantha keeps a stack under her sink and throws each hand towel into the hamper after using it twice. Not only does this help to reduce waste, but it also reduces the chance of bringing bacteria onto your skin. 

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Samantha’s Secret to Finding Balance 

With a husband and two fur babies, full-time jobs and hobbies, she works to stay focused and organized. A structured morning routine is key for balance. There is little room for unexpected twists to take place in the morning, so I try to work out, meditate, read and simply relax before the world wakes up.

What’s your go-to self-care ritual? 

Simply relaxing. On the daily, I take the time to unplug from all electronics and just veg out on the couch! I always read an actual book before bed too (not on my kindle).

*What's your favorite Asili product? 

The Shea and Lemongrass Body Butter is a staple in my house!