Strong Women 6th Feature - Robbin Braswell

Meet fellow entrepreneur and lady boss, Robbin Braswell of @curlroyalty.

Robbin runs a natural hair and lifestyle blog called CurlRoyalty. The idea had long been a dream in her mind and she took the brave leap last year to dive in and get going. 

She’s driven to use her platform to inspire young women to live unapologetically in their truths and live their very best lives. My journey has taught me to truly love myself. I feel like in that awkward transition from a young lady to a grown woman I gained a lot of confidence and began breaking down barriers and coming out of my comfort zone. 

This is why CurlRoyalty lives by the motto, “Be adventurous, unique, bold & fearless.” I want my platform to not only tell my story but to provide a space where women of color can also share theirs as well.

In addition to her blog, she is the CFO of a mentoring program named, Ladies On the Verge of Excellence, INC. (LOVE) which she found with her best friend in 2013.  

“We hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since. When I was younger I was never in a mentoring program and I really feel like I missed out on this opportunity. For young black and brown children, we need to see others like us successful in the world while also doing their part to give back to the community. I firmly believe in lifting as you climb.”

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Robbin's 5 Tips for Self-Care

Self-care is a vital part of maintaining balance with a hectic schedule. Robbin begins her day with: 

  1. Meditation before getting ready for work 
  2. I write out a to-do list with my important tasks for the day to stay focused.
  3. Most importantly, however, I make myself take the necessary mental health breaks.
  4. I set work goals, personal goals, and passion goals. It gives me something to look back at and assess myself and how much I’ve accomplished... the little wins I’ve gained along the way. "

Robbin's favorite Asili product? 

Hands down the Spirulina Algae Clay Mask.

"That mask is a gift from the heavens and always leaves me looking rejuvenated and glowing. Since trying it the first time I literally added into my weekly beauty routine. Definitely a #SelfCareSunday must."


What have you added to your beauty routine recently? 

 "I’ve gone completely natural with my body soaps! Oatmeal right now is my absolute FAVORITE. I’ve been experimenting recently with different face washes as well! "


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