Our Story


Asili Naturals Founder & CEO Trenise Watson has created homemade skin care products in her kitchen for over two years. While working with her Head Chemist Dr. Moe, who has helped to formulate her products along the way.

Like anyone else, Trenise use to buy skin care products from department stores and drug stores to treat her oily and acne prone skin. While using the products she often noticed that they would irritate and regularly dry out her face. This prompted her to start reading the list of ingredients on her store-bought products. Which eventually drove her to conduct research on them, to figure out the meaning of each ingredient along with it's benefits.

She found that the products she used on a regular basis contained harmful ingredients that were too harsh for the skin.  Aggressive ingredients such as alcohols- used to stabilize products but causes dry skin (good and bad alcohols), parabens- synthetic preservatives that alter the hormones in the body, sulfates- cleansing and foaming agents that dries out the skin and depletes its natural oils, harsh fragrances- that irritate the skin, and other harmful ingredients.

One day, Trenise began making her own homemade skin care with natural ingredients, which would allow her to be in control of what she applied to her face. She began researching how to make homemade facial cleansers, mask, scrubs, soap, moisturizers, etc.

Her first facial mask was a banana and honey consistency that she used everyday. She would create the batch and have Dr. Moe test it to make sure that it was formulated properly and then apply it to her face. Trenise received so many compliments on the quality and the glow of her skin.  She said, "people would constantly ask me to make them batches of my homemade skin care products".

After years of trial and error and R&D she made a conscious decision to create a 100% natural skin care company using only plant-based ingredients. Her goal was to provide healthy skin care products to people from all over the world. She wanted to create a brand that used healthy and honest ingredients to heal the skin. In addition, create awareness about animal testing since she is against animal cruelty. 

Asili Naturals is a brand that stands for healthy skin, confidence and integrity. We believe that people should feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Which is one of the reasons why we use plant-based ingredients to formulate our products. Our goal is to improve the condition of the skin and preserve it as it matures not harm it by using harsh chemicals.